Children's Brain Injury Association, Inc. - Ranse's Story
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My name is Ranse and my mom is setting this fund up for me to help other kids.
 Mom is doing this now because she loves me so much, and she knows that I want to help other kids. I did not want to live away from my Mom, Dad and Brother when I was sick.  I wanted to be home with them. So I think that with "Ranse" Grants I can help other kids be able to stay home with their family too.
You might wonder what happened to make me want to help other kids; well, here it is...
I was electrocuted when I was three years old.  My mom put "child safety plugs" in all the wall outlets.  I knew they didn't belong there since she told me not to put things in the plug-ins.  I thought to myself "If she could put something in,  then I could put something in too", and I did.  One day in May 1994 while mom was busy washing her hair I grabbed my Dad's two key chains, popped the safety plastic out of the plug-in, and plugged a set of keys in both sides of the plug.   I held the keys in both my hands, so that made me the electrical ground.  There was a loud popping sound, and it burned my hands.  There was a burn on the wall, and I was thrown backwards.  It welded the keys together.  My Dad still has both sets of keys. 
That is why I started having seizures.  The seizures then caused all my secondary problems.   Anyhow; mom grabbed me up, took me to my pediatrician, and they told mom I was very lucky to be ok.  They bandaged my hands and we went home. Within two weeks I was having seizures and in a month I was in Riley Hospital for Children. I wasn't ok. 
 That was the way it all began. I didn't fall and hit my head and I didn't drown like lots of people think.   I know how to swim really well.  I just decided to play with the wall outlet. So other mom's out there, remember that us kids aren't stupid. We notice everything.  If you tell us not to put stuff in an outlet we notice that you DID and wonder why we can't.
After  a medication issue when I was fourteen years old I spend most of my time in bed or on the sofa.  I had to get a belly tube and had difficulty with aspiration.  I could no longer keep the seizures away, and tried many medications. I needed several that insurance would not pay for.   I needed many medical devices that insurance would not pay for either.   I had an air loss mattress to help control pressure sores, and I loved going to my recliner with help every day.  Spending time in the tub or pool were great for me because it relieved some of the pain in my body.  I like to float and even nap there.  My mom is with me at all times (24/7),  Dad too when he isn't at work, and sometimes my RN.  
I like to watch my DVD's.  I have lots of them.  Mom makes sure of it.  I like to be read to as well.  My favorite clothes and sheets are either Camo or John Deere.  Sometimes if I feel like it I have toys in my bed to play with.  I really like my Captain Jack Sparrow Sword, my treasure chest (it keeps growing treasure, I am not sure how, but sometimes there are new things in it to play with), my toy guns for watching cowboy DVD's (I love John Wayne in "Big Jake" and some others) and I got a new John Deere lawn mower like my dads to play with.  I also have a therapy dog named "Dog" that I love and my golf cart named "Speedy" to get around outside.
I talk sometimes, but to do so causes me to have more seizures now, so I pick and choose what I wish to say.  I do not eat food, but have belly feeds.   I do get treats though.   My favorite is a sundae from Dairy Queen.  I aspirate sometimes, and it makes keeping my lungs open a challenge.  I have had pneumonia several times and I have been in CCMH  several  times on a full ventilator for this, and from being in convulsive status.   The seizures continue to worsen, causing increased damage and pain, but I am with my family and I love them.  That is my story
I went to heaven when I was just 16 years old I had intractable multiple seizure disorder with secondary cardiac,  Pulmonary, Gastrointestinal, and integumentary issues.  I had an unknown EEG reading. 
Having help with some of these things that insurance will not pay for made it possible for me to be home.  Some of the other things made it possible for me to have fun and be as mobile as possible.  I hope I can help you stay home with your family too.
You can learn more about Ranse and leave a message for his family at and the page name is RanseSLouden.