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Hello Friends,
On Monday March 24, 2008 at 4:45 PM Ranse died in my arms.  We were here at home the way he wanted it.  He died of Respiratory Failure.  The seizures could not be stopped.  I made sure Ranse was comfortable and in no pain.  Ranse knew he was going to Heaven.   I miss him more than I could ever begin to express or to have imagined.  Ranse was 16 years old.  Ranse was perfect.  Ranse is perfect, and I mourn his death with my entire soul.
Jennifer Loden
In Ranse's memory we will offer a grant.  It is for Children age 3 to 16.  It can be used for medication that is not covered by insurance or any type of gift from the pharmaceutical company's or (compassionate gift), or a medical device not covered at all by insurance or government grants or compassionate gift (example:  The special air loss mattress) for use at home.  Please email info@childrensbraininjury for information and application for this grant.